‘Authentic documents’ only at Licensing Authority

Chief Licensing Officer (CLO) of the Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA), Virgil Knight has confirmed that an incident which required police assistance occurred today, Wednesday, March 15, at the Driving Licence Department of the BLA.

“I can confirm that there was an incident at the Barbados Licensing Authority in the Driving Licence section where a customer presented documents for a transfer of a licence which appeared to be fraudulent. The customer became agitated and aggressive and police was summoned to the scene,” Knight explained.

The CLO added that the BLA accepted only authentic documents and urged citizens to comply with the law.

“We at the BLA have improved our surveillance and verification of documents presented to us for transfer of licences. Kindly be aware that only authentic documents will be accepted at the BLA in relation to the transfer of driving licences, and registration of vehicles,” he advised. (PR)

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