All Stars send eight to calypso monarch finals

All Stars Calypso tent has sent the lion’s share of artistes to the finals of his year’s Courtesy Garage Pic-O-De-Crop Competition.

The tent has eight finalists, while De Big Show and House of Soca have four each.

Imara, with We Come Here To Work, is the lone competitor from Shining Stars.

They will be up against reigning monarch Classic on July 29 at Kensington Oval.

The announcement was made on Sunday night after the judging of Carter’s Shinning Stars Calypso Tent at the Daphne Joseph Hackett Theatre.

The finalists are:

All Stars Calypso Tent    Colin Spencer        If Yah Do These Things

All Stars Calypso Tent    De Announcer       Mia Loves D’s

All Stars Calypso Tent    Donella         Dat is Calypso

All Stars Calypso Tent    John Yarde  I Will Remember You

All Stars Calypso Tent    Jude Clarke Struggling

All Stars Calypso Tent    Rudifus        De Church Bell

All Stars Calypso Tent    Sammy G     Dear Diary

All Stars Calypso Tent    Teri    Who We Are

De Big Show           Chrystal Cummins-Beckles      Crazy

De Big Show           I-Web            Dear Lord

De Big Show           Mr Blood     Mr Skeptic

De Big Show           TC       Kaiso Reporter

House of Soca        Billboard     Recovery Plan

House of Soca        Doyenne      Love Affair

House of Soca        Quon Animal Kingdom

House of Soca        Ranaan         If I Was To Win

Shining Stars          Imara            We Come Here To Work


House of Soca        Faith  Culture

Super Gladiators Calypso Tent           Caribbean Queen  Can’t Blame De Children

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