AG: Bar should point out tardy judges

Although there are some judges who “persistently delayed decisions”, no complaints have been lodged against them to the office of the Prime Minister or President.

As he spoke during debate on the 2023/24 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure in the House of Assembly on Friday, Attorney General Dale Marshall said the Bar Association should have spoken up in some cases.

“I can tell you I’ve had meetings with the Bar Association – and I supposed I may be unpopular for saying this – but I genuinely felt there were some instances where the Bar ought to raise complaints against persistently delaying members of the judiciary,” Marshall said.

“The response that was given to me unofficially was that nobody wants to bell this particular cat because if you complain, you feel there are going to be recriminations, if not from the same judge, then from other judges.

“If you look through the window, what will you see? You will see a number of judges with persistently delayed decisions. You will see no reports made to the office of the Prime Minister or President,” the Attorney General said. (Nation News)

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