$60 000 payout

Acquitted murder accused Pedro Deroy Ellis is an even richer man today thanks to another payout awarded by the High Court.

Yesterday, just over a month after Justice Shona Griffith awarded him $75 000 for his 18-day detention at the conclusion of his murder trial, Justice Cecil McCarthy gave him another $60 000 for the 11 months he spent on remand after the Court of Appeal had favourably looked on his bail appeal but did not release him immediately.

And the judge has ordered that he should not face any other trial arising from the facts of that murder matter.

“Even though I have no official information from the DPP’s office, I can only assume he will not be retried in relation to any matter,” Justice McCarthy said.

“In any event, out of an abundance of caution, I have made an order that [Ellis] should not be tried for any offence arising out of the facts that have resulted in his acquittal of the charge of murder so that he can’t be tried for anything arising out of that,” he said.  (HLE)

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