300 more black belly sheep sent to Guyana

Georgetown – Guyana’s agricultural sector will receive yet another boost as it continues to tackle food insecurity, with the scheduled arrival of 300 black belly sheep from Barbados.

Guyana received the first flock of 132 sheep from Barbados in August last year, which consisted of 112 ewes and 20 rams. Barbados agreed to send 1 000 sheep to Guyana.

This forms part of a joint undertaking between the two governments to build a regional brand of sheep to decrease the importation of lamb and mutton products into the Caribbean. The intention is to replace the imported lamb from New Zealand and Australia on this side of the world.

Earlier this year, President Irfann Ali , launched the black belly sheep project in Region Five. It was launched with an estimated US$3 million investment from the administration. The breed is primarily raised for meat and other high-demand by-products.

Guyana possesses enough land, a suitable climate, and all other prerequisites for increasing the production of black belly sheep.

These initiatives will enhance sustainable production and help to lower the Caribbean’s food importation bill by 25 per cent by 2025.

Guyana has implemented a number of programmes to advance its food security agenda, among them, the black belly sheep project, production of high-value crops, the ‘Cut Rose’ project, climate-smart agriculture practices, agro-processing facilities, marine cage fishing, brackish water shrimp, corn and soya bean production, among others. (CMC)

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