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    • Fun is good for the soul.
      Fun is good for the mind.
      Fun is good for the heart.
      Fun is the lighthearted pleasure that leads to excitement, amusement and entertainment.
      *****Iyanla Vanzant*****

      That’s what it like being in the ”246 BajanVibes Chat Room” …. Pure Fun!


      I write this little blog trusting that the entire 246BajanVibes Family and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

      We are in the midst of challenging times. The future may seem uncertain and no doubt we are heading towards a totally new reality.
      As of this week, the government’s advice for the entire UK population is “STAY HOME”.
      This is important for people with existing medical conditions and those over the age of 70, who are deemed to be more at risk.
      We are asked to avoid unnecessary social interactions, work from home if possible.
      No Weddings, Soca Fete, Barbecues, Church, School or gatherings of more than 2 people.

      I don’t have any clear answers on what lies ahead. If I did, the wealth received from this knowledge
      would be invested into the big dreams we all have for 246BajanVibes Radio.
      But seriously, it’s important for us to keep looking for a clear way forward amidst this chaos.

      One way forward is to support this station. I am NOT being paid to say this nor am I being paid to write this piece.
      I hope, like me on days when you want to drown out the misery of the world, you turn to music.
      In the wise words of the late great Robert Nesta Marley “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain”.

      Some of us will become even more dependent on the Radio, as we leave the television to the youngsters, to keep them out of the way
      and occupied on the days when they can’t be outside. Digital radio is convenient, it’s on our mobile phones.
      We can listen while we do mundane household chores, cook meals or chillaxe at the end of the day, a glass of something in our hand and feet up.

      Think of how 246BajanVibes Radio influences your week. First thing Sunday morning you’re Blessed by the ‘Inspirational Show’;
      transported back to happier times with ‘Big People Music’; challenged to think out of the box with ‘Laborish’ and relaxed with
      ‘The Stealth SOS’. During the week the music continues not just from the UK but around the world.
      Come Friday night you’re ready to ‘Wind Down’ and on Saturday it’s an all-day ‘Marathon of Musical Mayhem’.
      There’s the WhatsApp Groups & the Chat Room always open, where friends meet, problems are solved,
      fun is had and just for a moment Planet Earth is a perfect place.

      Have you ever wondered how ‘they’ at 246BajanVibes Radio keep it going?
      Who pays for the hosting of the Web-page were we get news items from the Caribbean?
      Who pays for the cameras that gives live coverage?
      Who covers the costs the DJ’s must incur for providing their services?
      Most radio stations get their much-needed revenue from advertising.

      Advertising is not only for Big Business…. Do you know someone who makes delicious Black Cakes,
      does hair, rents a chair in a barbershop, a reliable but not well-known mechanic, a seamstress
      or someone who Crochet’s beautifully? Do you have a small business? Are you looking for work?
      Can you think of anyone who would benefit from a little advertising?
      One hand would definitely wash the other the other.
      They would gain potential customers and 246BajanVibes Radio would start receiving much needed revenue
      and a wider listening public. Amazon, Ebay, Google are known worldwide, why, because of OUR support.

      This is OURS… let us focus more on supporting our own!

      Walk Good, Stay Safe, Nuff Love…


    • Can you tell me if you are playing the music for yourself cause you are not catering for other listeners? Some of your music is vulgar and derogatory.
      Can you play the music that doesn’t contain vulgar and derogatory?
      Thank you.

      • Dear listener,
        As part of the 246BajanVibes radio Management Team, I would like to first, apologise for having taken such a long to respond to your comment, and secondly, to sincerely apologise for the incident you wrote about. Rest assured it is not our policy to play such music, as we are a family orientated station with listeners of all ages. We have spoken to the Presenter concerned and will monitor him to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
        Patricia PM

  • 246 informs, entertains and so much more with a variety of presenters from across the globe who play a wide selection of music from yesteryear to today’s music. Commendable. Good going guys.

    • Well said my fellow ‘Video Vixen’. I enjoy the comradery we share in the chat room. The music & 246 BajanVibes Radio Presenters are diverse, so never a dull moment and most musical appetites are whet. My wish for this station…. continued success!

  • It is great to be able to present on a show and not just share my joy of a variety of music but also to offer insight into things i life and talk about one of my favourite subjects, that is LOVE.
    It really makes the world go round and we just need more kindness, more giving to self and others and every now and again, just be still and appreciate this world around you.

    Everyone needs to make a difference in other people’s lives, otherwise why are we here on this planet.???

    Nuff LOVE

    • Well said Foxc we need more love in the world every 1 is just about oneself breeding contemp,greed,jealousy &envy.lets us start with small steps hopefully it will catch on.

  • Recently had to reprimand someone for sending a constant source of pictures, of recently deceased victims of crimes and accidents. I have seriously seen it all, decapitation, burned alive, young girls murdered, people being stoned or shot. Some call it news but I call it disrespectful to paste it on social media when parents are still don’t know their child is dead. When all the families have is the last picture of their deceased spread across FB. It seems as though it’s a race to find the most gross out photo. We are seriously heading for major disaster.

  • * * * * * H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2 0 1 9 * * * * *
    May each day of the New Year be filled with contentment, opportunities, peace and abundance.
    May you have no regrets about leaving the old and may you get excited facing the new.
    Party hard, celebrate, rejoice and make a New Year’s wish.
    Tomorrow will be the new beginning of an exciting new page in our lives.
    I wish you ALL happiness in the year to come.

  • */*/* HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 */*/*

    Looking Behind I am filled with Gratitude.
    Looking Forward I am filled with Vision.
    Looking Upward I am filled with Strength.
    Looking Within I discover Peace.
    –an Apache prayer–

    Wishing my 246BajanVibes Family a truly blessed and happy new year.


    The world will not magically return to ‘normal’ at the stroke of midnight .
    Some people have vowed to try and forget 2020 but that won’t be easy.
    Yes, 2020 threw up a few unusual challenges but many of us faced them head on, adapted and even overcame.
    2020 forced us to focus physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Let us not right off 2020 or try to forget, instead let us learn from these challenges.

    For 2021 we must focus on the positive as there is meaningful work to be done!
    Let us seek out the potentials, the opportunities, the adventures, the hopes, the dreams.
    Let us show more gratitude, love and respect especially when it is hardest to so.
    Let us give freely, forgive willingly, laugh easily, be truly grateful for every day.

    Wishing my 246BajanVibes Radio Family a healthy, happy & highly blessed New Year…


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