$21 000 fine for guns and bullets

A 25-year-old man who directed police officers to a gun in his bedroom, was hit with $21 000 in fines yesterday, $11 000 of which had to be paid forthwith.

Justice Anthony Blackman imposed the sentence on Arjay Ricardo Kellman, 25, of Franklyn/Douglin Road, Belleplaine, St Andrew, when he returned for sentencing in the No. 3A Supreme Court.

Kellman, who pleaded guilty on April 11 this year to having a .22 RG 14” 22 long rifle calibre revolver gun, six rounds of ammunition, a small amount of marijuana and apparatus, was fined $15 000 for having the unlicensed firearm, and $6 000 for the six bullets.

He was ordered to pay $5 000 of the gun fine forthwith, with a further eight months to pay the balance, failing which he will have to spend three years, 81 days in jail. (SD)

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