$15 000 fine for gun possession

Shem Tyrese Harding was fined $15 000 for an illegal gun when he appeared in the No. 5 Supreme Court.

Harding, of Blades Hill No. 2, St Philip, had pleaded guilty, earlier in the Sessions of the Continuous Sittings, to having a .32-calibre Magnum revolver and six rounds of .32-calibre ammunition on August 2, 2021.

He had no previous convictions and was assessed as posing a low risk of re-offending.

Justice Pamela Beckles said the unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition was a grave source of danger to society.

“The reasons are obvious because firearms may be used to take life or cause serious injury. They may also be used to further the commission of other serious offences and it is for this reason that Parliament has designated such stiff penalties when it comes to these offences,” she said. (HLE)

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