Judge calls for remedial school

High Court Judge, Justice Carlisle Greaves, is calling for the establishment of a remedial school to stamp out some of the deviant behavior among children.

But, he does not want it in the vein of the Government Industrial School or even the former Alma Parris Memorial School.

Speaking recently during the sentencing of three young people in the No. 3 Supreme Court – all of whom were troubled from a young age – Greaves said if young children did not receive the help they needed, in most cases they ended up before the courts or in the grave.

“If you are missed at the primary level, the record shows that the behaviour continues at the secondary level. Therefore we need a remedial school at the secondary level, with the same type of facilities of which I have spoken. If we do not change the way we deliver our education we are not going to eliminate the crime that we have,” he said. (Nation News)

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