Consumer group wants action on high prices

The Barbados Consumers Empowerment Network (BCEN) is calling on Barbadians to speak out against the rising cost of food in the country.

In a media release, the group said since the July 14 press conference which announced the compact between Government and the private sector to bring an ease in food prices, consumers are yet to get any relief.

“In Barbados we have a situation where consumers such as retirees, workers, business owners, students, wives, mothers, fathers, and children etc. are feeling the full brunt of an exponential rise in the cost of living.

“The price of goods and services has increased, while a few large players remain in control of the market. As you are aware, some businesses and industries in Barbados have consolidated, and competition has weakened, and it is having a negative impact on many households.”

Executive director Maureen Holder told The Nation larger families, especially, were feeling the burden. Since the compact there has been reduction in the cost of living, while the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also spoken about rising costs.

The group is asking Barbadian shoppers to put their October and November receipts with names and contact details in the collection box at their Eastmond and Company Dayrell’s Road, St Michael, headquarters.

“The situation is untenable especially at this time of year and given all that we have undergone since the COVID crisis,” the statement continued.

“Consumers must have the confidence to exercise their rights and take action against unscrupulous pricing practices and the ongoing rise in the cost of living.” (PR/SAT)

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