JPs told not to charge for services

The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason, President of Barbados, is urging 32 new Justices of the Peace (JPs) not to charge members of the public for authenticating documents, as the practice was illegal.

She sounded the warning on Monday morning during two ceremonies where the JPs received their instruments of appointment at State House.

“One of the things that some JPs don’t seem to understand is that it is a true national service, and as a consequence, there is no fee attached to the times when you sign your name. I have known over my 40 years, 50 years working in the judicial service, I came across people who misunderstood their role which is to offer a free service to your fellowman who may need your services, which is the signature that you just made before me,” she said.

Further, Dame Sandra stressed that any function done as a JP should be done freely.

“I am not sure whether this was told to you or whether you have seen other people before you make that very signal mistake of asking for payment for their signature. It is not what you are supposed to do,” she explained.  (RA)

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