Waterlogged fields could lead to shortages

Persistent rainfall over the past few months has now resulted in a shortage of some locally produced fruits and vegetables and consumers could see price increases.

The warning came yesterday from chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS), James Paul, who said there was a shortage of tomatoes and they were watching the supply of green leafy vegetables.

“In the last month or so we’ve had rain nearly every day and as a result of that we have a situation where the fields are waterlogged in some instances and it is very difficult to get in the fields to harvest produce. It also means too that the cost of harvesting will also go up. If there’s more mud on the produce that you have selling, it means that you have to spend more on water washing them off and keeping them clean.

“So with all of these things it means then that you could find an increase in the cost of vegetables and of course the ultimate price to consumers will actually start to go up.” (JK)

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