Cops’ phone call

Police want to gain access to information on people’s phones and other devices to help them crack crime.

They are therefore agitating for a change in laws that could mean service providers must hand over recordings, visual and other evidence.

They are also still pushing to fill hundreds of vacant spots in key departments of the Barbados Police Service (BPS) including the Criminal Investigation Division.

Divisional Commander of the CID Acting Superintendent Mark White said they believed pushing for those changes could help make the service more efficient.

“Contemporary legal issues confronting law enforcement agencies have forced us to look outside mere confessions by accused persons and find other supporting evidence such as forensic and digital, audio and visual data to strengthen our cases and secure conviction.

“Almost every crime has a cyber-component and to this, we have to agitate for legislative changes to make service providers provide the information to the police to assist in the investigations,” White said.

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