Man in viral video blames it on drugs

The man allegedly seen in a viral video taken from camera footage of Lionel C. Hill Supermarket claimed a drug problem was behind any acts he is accused of committing.

However, Darren Ian DeCoursey Johnson disputed that he had convictions, when he appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

“I will be honest with you, it ain’t mek sense holding up the court. I have a drug problem and I would really like some help for the drug problem ’cause it affecting me and it affecting the only body that does deal with me, which is my mother. And it putting me through a lot of foolishness,” he said.

“The only reason that I allegedly doing certain things is because of my drug problem. I really need some help with this drug problem,” he told the court.

Johnson, 25, of Middleton, St George, was not required to plead to entering Lionel C. Hill and Company with intent to commit the arrestable offence of theft on August 8, and at the time he had in his possession a knife. (HLE)

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