Minister: 11-Plus 2023 likely

Minister of Education Kay McConney says she “suspects” that 2022 will not mark the last time children will be required to sit the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Exam (BSSEE), also referred to as the Common Entrance or 11-Plus Exam.

Responding to questions during a press conference yesterday analysing the exam results, she said that while abolition of the exam is still the desired goal, there are several logistical steps that must be completed before this becomes a reality.

“Once we have been able to come to a concept that we are able to take to the public space, we will be moving through the parishes having consultations. So specifically to the question of whether this is the last year, let us see where the consultations take us, but I suspect not,” McConney said.

She added that some of those consultations have already begun. (CLM)

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