Judge: ‘Gun cases taking too long to process’

High Court Judge Carlisle Greaves says the remedy is not for the courts to keep accused in custody for inordinate lengths of time while waiting on files from the police, or for matters to get out of the magistrates’ courts.

He has also reiterated that there is no reason why firearm matters cannot be processed within a three-month span.

“I can see no proper reason why cases like these cannot be processed within three months. It cannot be sufficient to charge a man but not produce the files,” Justice Greaves said.

He made the comments as he dealt with two-year-old firearm matters committed by Demaund Rahim Tudor while he was on bail, awaiting trial for a six-year-old ammunition case.

Tudor, of Mount Poyer Development, St Lucy, had initially pleaded guilty to having 12 rounds of ammunition on July 10, 2016. (HLE)

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