Deadly flooding in Seoul

At least eight people have died and 14 others have been injured as flooding caused by torrential rain hit parts of South Korea’s capital Seoul.

Heavy downpours on Monday night submerged roads, flooded metro stations and caused blackouts across the city and neighbouring provinces.

Some areas received the highest rate of rainfall in 80 years, Korea’s meteorological agency said.

Weather officials said the rain was likely to continue over several days.

Images showed floodwater gushing down the steps of metro staircases, parked cars submerged up to their windows and people making their way across streets in knee-high water.

Local reports said three victims – two sisters in their forties and a 13-year-old girl – were living in a semi-basement apartment known as a banjiha.

These apartments, located below street level, gained prominence after being featured in the Oscar-winning South Korean film Parasite, which told the story of a poor family in such an apartment trying to find ways to make ends meet.

Rescue officials said they were unable to access the apartment as floodwaters had risen to waist-high levels on the street.

Parts of Seoul, the western port city of Incheon and Gyeonggi province surrounding Seoul charted rainfall of over 10cm per hour on Monday night, according to Yonhap news agency. (BBC)


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