Ishmael: Cost of ID card coming shortly

Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology Davidson Ishmael is still not saying how much the new Trident national identification (ID) card is costing the country.

He told the Saturday Sun yesterday he will not be pressured by the media or anyone to prematurely release such figures, but when he did, it will be a comprehensive breakdown of everything involved.

“I am going to provide the public with the costs related to this project very soon. The thing is, we have the information relative to the cost [but] that information is spread across many financial years, many different components, many different agencies, departments and ministries.

“That comprehensive discussion about the cost of the new national ID, however, will be had at a time that is more suitable and is not going to happen in a news report where you just print a figure that is not going to give that comprehensive breakdown – which is [necessary] for a project such as this as the benefits to the people of Barbados needs to be discussed,” he said.  (CA/PR)


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