Warning on use of Sargassum seaweed

Minister of Environment Adrian Forde is warning those who use the Sargassum seaweed as fertiliser to desist from doing so as it could be harmful.

A Midweek Nation team visited several beaches across the island which were said to be inundated with the troublesome seaweed, but only Worthing Beach in Christ Church bore any evidence of the seaweed last Thursday. The seaweed was being bagged for transportation.

“The reason why we take it away to decompose away from the environment is because it was viewed there were abnormal levels of arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals that can be harmful,” Forde said.

He also explained the reason for this year’s influx, the most since 2013.

“Due to the abnormal proliferation in the ocean, coming off of the Atlantic because of climate change, the proliferation of nutrients in the sea has caused an increase in the Sargassum seaweed.” Forde said.  (RA)

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