Police: No major incidents so far this Crop Over

Police say no serious incidents were reported to the Incident Management Command Centre or the Operations Control Room during the staging of two major Crop Over events on Friday night and early Saturday morning.

In keeping with statements made by Commissioner of Police Richard Boyce and Attorney General Dale Marshall at a media conference earlier this month, there was strong police presence at the Courtesy Garage Pic-O-De-Crop Finals and joint patrols with the Barbados Defence Force at Foreday Morning Jam.

“We anticipated that in any large gathering of crowds where loud music and binge drinking of alcohol is the norm, there would be skirmishes. There were two minor reports of arguments and altercations amongst a few patrons attending Foreday Morning Jam, but those incidents were quickly defused without disruption by police personnel on duty along the route,” police said in a media release.

“We are happy to report those events were free of any major incidents.”

They thanked members of the public and patrons “who have played their part by exhibiting calm and peaceful behaviour thus far” and encouraged them to “continue to keep Crop Over 2022 a safe and enjoyable festival for all”.

Police say the same presence will be on the road on Monday for Grand Kadooment when the festival climaxes. (PR/SAT)

Soldiers from the Barbados Defence Force at the front of the music truck of the last band at Foreday Morning.  (Picture by Reco Moore)



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