Fire damages fibre-optic cable along Maxwell

A fire at an old beach house along Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church, has damaged part of the fibre-optic cable in the area, resulting in service disruption to parts of the parish.

In a statement to customers, service provider Flow said the internet, landline and television might be affected.

“The fault has been identified and is attributed to a burning structure which damaged a significant portion of fibre-optic cable that was suspended above it,” the media release said.

“Our technicians are currently onsite, and we will be working with our utility partners to restore fully connectivity to all impacted customers as soon as is safely possible to do so.”

Some customers in Warners, Briar Hall, Dover, Maxwell Road, St Lawrence Coast Road, St Lawrence Gap, Headley Road, Grannum Road, Fair Holme Gardens, Harmony Hall, Paradise Village, Greame Hall Park, Tino Terrace and surrounding areas may be impacted. (PR/SAT)

This old beach house was razed to the ground. (Picture by Jameel Springer)


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