Puff of Colour delivers

Puff of Colour retained its reputation as one of the biggest and best J’ouvert fetes held during the Crop Over Festival when it returned late Saturday night.

After a two-year absence due to COVID-19, the event re-emerged at Puffinton Field, Searles Christ Church with all of its paint, powder, foam, and mega water hoses, under which the patrons revelled.

The event featured several performances from Lil Rick, Mole and Brucelee Almightee, Lead Pipe and Saddis, Coopa Dan, Fadda Fox and others.

In addition to the onstage entertainment, there was a spectacular fireworks display and patrons experienced several attractions including a slide, an obstacle course, a gyro scope and other attractions. These attractions help to set the event apart from other fetes.

This year, however, leading up to the event, a voice note circulated on social media in which it was said that violence was likely as people were out for revenge following a recent killing.

That voice note caught the attention of the organisers and the Barbados Police Service officials whose presence was felt outside and inside the venue.

“There are some mischievous people who are up to no good, putting fear into people. However, from the time the messages and texts came out, we already had conversations with the police service and our security team who did very well.

“Yes there are some people who may not feel safe but our aim is to bring that calm back to those persons and the fact that we’ve had a successful event without any fights or problems on the inside is great,” promoter Kirk Philips said.

Although they were able to stage a successful event, Philips acknowledged a long wait at the gate, but he reasoned the wait was a result of thorough checks.  (TG)


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