Meet The DJ’s


Has been playing music from five years old at family functions was mostly into disco, was trained to dj by wayne cool simmons. Hobbies are football, Badmington, All form of motor racing and love playing music which give listeners a good feeling. They me sugar d aka the king of soca the marathon man.
Has been on the dj circuit for over 30 + years his specialty in music genre is lover rock and rare groove but plays all type. Now transforming to a radio presenter, has a cool laid back style which attract the ladies his name is DJ AC aka the stealth.
DJ Bonez SVG
DJ Crime Less
A fun loving person who love to hang out with positive and creative people who can enhance me. Hobbies are Djing, playing video games, music is my life and love playing it. Favourite genre of music is reggae, very much interested in keeping people on the right path and love entertaining them also a lover of plants.
DJ Ghost
The most unique dj plays all types of music and is always ready to step up when no djs are available, very hard working don't like speaking just playing music for your listening pleasure.